23 1 / 2012

People think that frontiers don’t exist anymore.  Not true. Especially, in Des Moines.  I explore everyday looking for new and exciting things to do and see.  My mind is constantly churning.

What do I see in Des Moines that other people don’t?  Who can I collaborate with to create something more extraordinary than I could alone?

Des Moines is a maiden market of talent.  People are gracious and genuinely want the best for each other. I hear about new and exciting projects on a daily basis. These people are selflessly using their talents to create something that is personally cool to them.  The indirect impact it has on Des Moines is priceless. I call this frontiering.  

You can try it sometime.  


Jessica Miller is 
the co-owner of Hill Vintage and Ingenue Boudoir. Follow: @IowaWildFlower